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Look Closely at 12 and 28-Second Marks in This Security Footage. The Inexplicable Events Had One Guy So Freaked Out He Didn't Know 'Whether to Laugh or Cry.


"This is the best footage I’ve ever seen of ghosts in action."

Claims of ghostly hauntings and demonic possessions continue to spark a wide range of responses from believers and critics alike. And new security footage of seemingly mysterious happenings inside a British theater offers up yet another opportunity for both sides to debate what might be causing the inexplicable.

The security video, taken at the Brookside Theatre in Romford, United Kingdom, during the early hours of the morning Sunday, shows some events that seem, on the surface, to be quite curious.

A chair appears to be moving on its own at the 12-second mark. Then, around the 28-second mark, a table seemingly slides on its own. And throughout the short video, flying objects — which the Romford Recorder referred to as "orbs" — are seen floating about.

Watch the footage below:

"We’ve had so many strange things happen over the years but this has to be the freakiest," Brookside manager Jai Sepple told the Recorder. "When I looked back at the CCTV, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!"

The video was reportedly taken just hours after psychic medium Roy Roberts took the stage at the venue. An advertisement on the theater's website says that Roberts, who lives in London, is "one of the most truly remarkable mediums of his time."

The event apparently went on without incident and Sepple said that he subsequently straightened all the chairs before leaving the venue Saturday night. But when he come back the next day, he noticed that one of the chairs had been moved and decided to check the security cameras.

Roberts, who learned of the purported activity in the auditorium and who reportedly plans to bring a paranormal team to investigate, called the developments "phenomenal" and said that he felt a presence while appearing at Brookside Saturday night.

"This is the best footage I’ve ever seen of ghosts in action," he told the Recorder.

But Sepple, who did say that he's a skeptic of these sorts of phenomena, admitted to the Daily Mail that there have been allegations of unexplained events in the past.

"There have been several things that have happened in the past, noises and creeks etc, but we've got used to it," he said. "We've had a child's footprints in the foyer, and one cast member said he saw a strange figure once. He ran after it thinking it was a person, but the figure just disappeared and there was nowhere for it to go. He was visibly shaken after that."

While it's possible the video is authentic, there are no timestamps, nor is there a definitive way to tell if the footage was altered or intentionally filmed for promotional purposes.

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(H/T: Romford Recorder)

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