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'I Hope... Gaza is Wiped Out': Nine Raw Confessions From Those in Israel Who Long for Peace — And Six From Those Who Demand Something Else

Rockets lunched by Palestinian militants towards Israel make their way from the northern Gaza Strip, Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012. (Photo: AP)

As the IDF's Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip moves into its fourth week Israeli officials are facing a a tough decision.

Push forward in the face of wide international condemnation and a rising death toll among Palestinians and Israeli soldiers or keep fighting with the aim of finishing off Hamas once and for all?

Using the popular smartphone application, Whisper, a number of individuals located in Israel expressed their feelings on how, or if, the war should go forward. 

The application guarantees its users absolute privacy. The confessions shared on Whisper are always raw, and often powerful.

Ten People in Israel Who Want the War to End Now.

1. “I want peace.”

Location: Tel Aviv

I want peace. I want to live and work together to benefit mankind. I don't want anymore killing or death. I want peace.

2. “Innocents fighting fire with fire.”

Location: Tel Aviv

Great, another day where kids holding guns are dying killing other kids, innocents, fighting fire with fire :( where to take hope from? i want peace!

3."Listening to the news makes me sad.”

Location: Tel Aviv

listening to the news makes me sad. I truly hope one day we could live in peace.

4. “Stop picking a side.”

Location: Tel Aviv

Stop picking a side  and  pick peace

5. “F**k war, I want peace.”

Location: Tel Aviv

100meters from grandma's house-a rocket alert.We ran to the closest building and hide.When we went out and looked if we could see anything,we saw a cloud of smoke above our heads,it was from the missile interception.Fuck war,I want peace

6. “We all want peace.”

Location: Tel Aviv

We all want peace!  what the fuck is going on?!


7. “We want peace. Deal with it.”

Location: Ashdod

I'm from Israel. I'm a proud Jew. If you hate me, if you want me killed, you want a high-school girl thats her best friend is a Islamic and her dad is a Christian dead. We want peace. Deal with it.

8. “Breaks my heart when I read hate comments.”

Location: East of Ruhama

I live in Israel. I believe in peace. it BREAKS MY HEART when I read hate comments on the internet from people who wish me death and misery only because of my nation.

9. “I just want this stupid war to end.”

Location: Tel Aviv

I'm not pro anyone I just want this stupid war to end. People are suffering from both sides, that's my only concern.

Six People in Israel Who Say They Want the IDF to Finish Off Hamas Now and Then End the War.


1. “End the Hamas terrorism... using all means needed.”

Location: Hod HaSharon

It's about time that Israel will end the Hamas terrorism  Using All means needed


2. “I hope... Gaza is Wiped Out.”

Location: Herzliya

I hope our soldiers are safe and Gaza is wiped out


3. “I hope Israel will go to the end.”

Location: East of Ruhama

I hope that Israel will go till the end this time against the Hamas!


4. “Fighting for our right to exist.”

Location: Giv’atayim

Our friends, loved ones, family, coworkers are in Gaza, fighting for our right to exist. I pray for you constantly and wish for u to come home safe and sound


5. “Support IDF to remove... Islamic terrorist groups.”

Location: East of Ruhama

If you really want to support Palestinians, support IDF soldiers to remove all Islamic terrorist groups from Gaza !


6. “I wish they would free Gaza from Hamas.”

Location: Tel Aviv

Everyone says free Gaza... I wish they would free Gaza from Hamas and give Palestinians a chance to actually truly live


Finally. One Person in Israel Who Says You Probably Have No Idea What its Like to Live at War.

Location: Udim

I really hate when people say the IDF is terrible for fighting back the Hamas. You have no idea what it's like to live at war, you idiots.

Find more anonymous confessions regarding Operation Protective Edge on Whisper. Download here.

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