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IDF Releases Video Reportedly Showing Hamas 'Terror Tunnel' and How It Was Destroyed


"Gaza terrorists could have used this tunnel to abduct or murder Israelis."

Image: YouTube

The Israeli military (IDF) released a new video today showing what it claimed to be a Hamas-built tunnel that crossed into Israel from northern Gaza.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

According to a tweet posted by the IDF's spokesperson, the 7th Brigade found and destroyed the tunnel. And it was all captured on video.

First, there was a brief look at the inside of the structure.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Next, a clip from ground level, graphically showing the track of the explosive fired from inside the tunnel.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

At the end of the tunnel, a massive explosion signaled the demolition assignment had been completed.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

The short clip ends with an aerial view of the operation.

Watch the IDF's video here:


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