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Seriously? MSNBC segment claims that climate change could make a real 'Sharknado' happen


During Wednesday's edition of "News Nation" with Tamron Hall on MSNBC, a guest actually claimed that that climate change could make a "Sharknado" happen.

sharknado (Source: SyFy)

Hall was speaking with the kitschy film's writer, Thunder Levin, and in referring to the film asked, "How does someone create something as original as this?"

Levin's reply might have some people doing a double take.

“You know we just felt it was time that the world was alerted to the perils of global warming and bio-meteorology, so it was just a matter of doing our research and getting the facts out to everybody," he said.

Before anyone on any side of the climate change argument gets all fired up over this, we ask you to consider a couple of simple points.

Comcast/NBC/Universal is the parent company of both MSNBC and Syfy (the cable channel that paid for and aired "Sharknado 2" last night).

Was this a sincere segment or merely some clever, vertically integrated corporate promotion?

Watch the clip and decide for yourself:


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