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The one cause a prominent ex-Socialist would have never dreamed the left would support
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The one cause a prominent ex-Socialist would have never dreamed the left would support

"Hitler-ites...evil, Nazi, terrorists."

David Horowitz David Horowitz

"Red diaper" baby turned ardent conservative David Horowitz is astounded and enraged at Nancy Pelosi and her fellow leftists for a position he could have never imagined the left would take.

Echoing and expounding upon his harsh words for the House Minority leader in response to her claim that Hamas is a "humanitarian organization," in an interview in connection with his new book, "Take No Prisoners: The Battle Plan for Defeating the Left," Horowitz unloaded on the left with respect to their view of and support for Hamas specifically and the Palestinians more broadly.

Horowitz asserted that the left:

[consists of] anti-American Communists...out to destroy the country...they're an evil force. Who would have thought that you could make Hamas...Nancy Pelosi calling Hamas a humanitarian organization. And you have the whole left supporting these Hitler-ites is what they are...I try to think back to when I was in the left...I don't think I would have stayed on the left and supported Hamas or the Palestinians for that matter. This is an evil people as well.

[sharequote align="center"][Y]ou have the whole left supporting these Hitler-ites[/sharequote]

You know through all human history people have been oppressed, but never has a people strapped bombs onto its little children, sent them to blow up other children, and told them that if they're lucky enough to be male they're going to go to heaven and get 72 virgins. It's a sick, sick culture. And it supports one hundred percent -- certainly in the Gaza strip, but also in the West Bank -- evil, Nazi. terrorists. I never would have dreamed that the left would be supporting this crap. But they do.

The relevant portion of our interview, which you can find below, starts at 26:21.

During the explosive interview, we also discussed a number of other topics, including:

  • How conservatives can win political battles against the left by "fighting fire with fire"
  • Why Democrats are the true racists
  • Why Horowitz believes the Chief Justice John Roberts should "rot in hell"
  • Horowitz's strong criticism for many who are unemployed
  • Why Adam Carolla's story is a "true American story"
  • Why Horowitz believes the Tea Party and the Establishment can and must coalesce
  • Whether freedom is compatible with Islam
  • Horowitz's views on American foreign policy in the Middle East
  • What Israel should do with respect to Gaza
  • Whether there is any difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism
  • And much much more


You can read more about Horowitz's book and his devastating attacks on progressives here and here.


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