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The 'Scare Bear' Robot Delivers a 25,000-Volt Punch to Anything It Touches


"Scare-bear robot will haunt your dreams."

Image: YouTube

Forget the "Care Bears." Meet the Scare Bear!

Image: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Its eyes blink, its head and body rotate from side to side as a siren screams, warning all in its path -- Scare Bear is coming!

According to a YouTube description about the odd-looking invention, the imposing figure in a tin hat and yellow raincoat is charged with 25,000 volts of electricity it delivers through a swinging chain. As the description generously notes: "Scare-bear robot will haunt your dreams."

It's apparently the creation of a Turkish farmer, who designed the mechanical beast to keep real bears away from his crops. Australia's 9News reports Scare Bear's right hand is holding a toy pistol.

The robot is said to be a multi-purpose machine: says that 46-year-old farmer and inventor Mustafa Karasungur's creation can also be used as a mobile power station for charging devices or powering a light.

There are no reports documenting either the success or failure of Karasungur's robot, but the video is a smash, notching over 1.6 million views in two days.

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