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Angry Business Owner Likely Couldn’t Believe His Eyes as He Watched Live Video Feed of His Store in Ferguson


"They say they want justice for Mike Brown… I don’t understand."


A business owner in Ferguson, Missouri, watched in horror as rioters destroyed and looted his store, the Dellwood Market, on Sunday night. Luckily, Mumtaz Lalani wasn’t at his store at the time, but he watched a live video feed of the chaos from his home.

After unsuccessfully trying to break into the establishment, one protester is seen firing bullets into the storefront. Rioters then proceed to “ransack the liquor and cigarette cabinets,” CNN’s Jake Tapper reports. Two women also reportedly attempted to light the business on fire.




Lalani told CNN that he doesn’t think his business can recover from the shocking incident. He expressed anger at protesters who claim they want “justice” for 18-year-old Mike Brown, who was recently fatally shot by a police officer.

“They say they want justice for Mike Brown… I don’t understand. What justice is this?” he added.

Watch the rest of Tapper’s report via CNN here:

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