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Fox News Reporter Cursed Out by Ferguson Protester Live On-Air: 'Say That S***! I Don't Give a Damn You're on TV!


“We go through this s*** every day."

A Fox News reporter was confronted Monday night by a demonstrator protesting in a Missouri suburb over the shooting of an unarmed black man earlier this month.

Reporting live from Ferguson, Missouri, reporter Steve Harrigan told anchor Shepard Smith that what was occurring at the moment was a "media event, pure and simple."

"This is people running towards tear gas, running away from it," he said. "The dignified protesters went home at dusk. This is child's play right now."

WATCH: Protester curses out Fox News reporter (content warning: vulgar language):

A nearby protester heard the remark, approached Harrigan and began cursing him out.

“Say that s**t. Say that s**t. I don’t give a damn you’re on TV, I don't care about that s**t,” the man yelled. “We go through this s**t every day. You tell them this is just child’s play? Who is the child playing with toys? That’s them.”

Harrigan, stunned, reacted saying he didn't want to argue with the man. Smith ultimately then chose to cut away from the camera.

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