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See Who’s Been Spotted in Ferguson Trying to ‘Incite’ Riots and Mingling Among Group Armed With Molotov Cocktails


"You’re not gonna hurt our kids."

As the outraged community in Ferguson, Missouri, continues to protest the officer-involved shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, radical communist revolutionaries from places like Chicago and New York City are seemingly infiltrating the local demonstrations and allegedly attempting to “incite” riots.

A video uploaded on YouTube Tuesday shows Gregory Lee Johnson, a veteran member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, riling up a crowd and seemingly discouraging them from listening to police’s advice to calm things down. Watch that video here (Strong language warning):

St. Louis Alderman Antonio French also took notice of Johnson’s presence at demonstrations in Ferguson on Tuesday. He included a photo of Johnson among a group of men apparently trying to light Molotov cocktails:

Also spotted in Ferguson was Revolutionary Communist Party operative Travis Morales.

French recently uploaded a video on Vine reportedly showing Morales arguing with a black community leader.

“You’re not gonna hurt our kids,” says a man, identified by the Missouri Torch as Brother Anthony Shahid.

“No, they’re hurting our kids. They’re hurting our kids, everyday,” Morales shouts back.

Morales was later reportedly among four men from Brooklyn to be arrested in Ferguson:

Obviously, it is highly unlikely that Johnson and Morales traveled to Ferguson alone — though it’s unclear how many of their colleagues are currently in the area.

The presence of communist revolutionaries at the demonstrations is not unusual, however. Revolutionaries like Johnson and Morales seek to use chaos and unrest to further their radical agenda to transform America away from its capitalist system.

It was reported that 25 percent of protesters arrested on Monday night were not from Ferguson. These are some the people people CNN has described as "agitators."

(H/T: Weasel Zippers)

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