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A Man Fatally Struck a Woman When She Stepped in Front of His Car. New Video Shows the Disturbing Thing That Happened When He Got Out to Check on Her.


“They punched him in the head. For what?"

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You send a pedestrian flying when they step into traffic right in front of your vehicle.

You do the right thing — stop, get out and go see if you can help.

Then you're brutally assaulted.

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It's what happened to 26-year-old Juan Gregoria-Chacon, WCAU-TV reported, and new video has emerged showing just how violent things got after he fatally struck a woman with his SUV.

Chacon was driving without a driver's license in Lakewood, New Jersey, on Aug. 9, though investigators told WCAU that driving without a license seemed to be his only crime — he did not appear to be intoxicated or speeding when 41-year-old Chandra Martin stepped into the road in front of him.

He struck the woman, and she suffered severe head trauma and later died at a hospital.

Instead of fleeing the scene, Chacon got out of his vehicle — and that's when the quickly gathering bystanders, some of whom are believed to be friends or family of Martin, attacked him.

Some bystanders tried to protect Chacon, as cell phone video shows.

Image via WCAU-TV Image via WCAU-TV

But at least two men successfully beat Chacon.

The attack was so bad, Chacon underwent surgery on Monday, WCAU reported.

“They punched him in the head,” said Chacon’s uncle, Jose Chacon. “For what? I know they were angry but that doesn’t fix the problem.”

Image via WCAU-TV Image via WCAU-TV

Chacon was charged with causing a death while driving without a license, WCAU reported, while one of the men who attacked him, Anthony Campbell, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

Local residents told WCAU that Campbell and Martin had lived together.

Sadly, Chacon's assault is not the only recent incident in which a driver who likely was not at fault was beaten by bystanders after hitting a pedestrian.

In early April, a Detroit man was brutally attacked by a dozen men after he hit a 10-year-old boy who had run into traffic.

The man, who had stopped to check on the boy, had his wallet stolen in the assault and was left with serious head injuries.

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