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Disturbing Video Shows the Abuse a Paralyzed Man Faced at Hands of Caretaker: ‘You See a Fearful Elderly Man Being Terrorized…’

Image source: WNBC-TV

A New York caretaker was caught on surveillance video abusing an elderly man paralyzed by a stroke this spring — and now his family is suing.

Image source: WNBC-TV Image source: WNBC-TV

Bentsion Murakhovsky, 78, had previously complained to his family about alleged abuse he was facing at the hands of aPersonal-Touch Home Care home assistant, WNBC-TV reported. His family then installed a surveillance camera and requested a new caretaker.

Things did not appear to get better. WNBC has more:

Video captured on surveillance cameras April 8 show the new home health aide abusing Murakhovsky. In one clip, the aide grabs his wrist, slams it into his side and grabs Murakhovsky's nose while pushing a napkin into his face in an effort to force-feed him. 

A second clip provided by Murakhovsky's attorney shows the aide twice grab his nose while feeding him and using it to jerk his head back and forth as the patient nervously taps his fingers on his leg.

In another clip captured the same day, Murakhovsky lifts a blanket from his lap to wipe his face and the attendant grabs it, flings it away from the man and slaps his right arm. The 78-year-old is seen trembling as the aide gestures as if yelling at him. The videos have no audio.

"Mr. Murakhovsky was a prisoner of his own body, defenseless to stop the healthcare worker looming in front of him," family attorney Phillip Monier said. "You see a fearful, elderly man being terrorized by a home healthcare aide."

"No one should be treated like that," he continued to WNBC. "This company is supposed to be sending trained and qualified workers to help elderly disabled people like Mr. Murakhovsky, and they are getting paid a lot of money for sending unqualified workers."

[sharequote="center"]"No one should be treated like that."[/sharequote]

According to WNBC, the family is seeking compensation from Personal-Touch Home Care, which employs about 15,000 individuals and services more than 50 locations in 11 states.

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