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UK Insurance Company Apparently Wants to Separate Car Lanes for Men and Women (Poll)


"68 percent of respondents support the concept of sexually segregated roads."

Image: PinkZones.com

Do we need roads and lanes on highways specifically designated for male and female drivers?

While it may sound like the set up for a comedian's rant, it's reportedly a proposal from one of England's biggest car insurance companies.

Image: PinkZones.com Image: PinkZones.com

Sheila's Wheels is the reported car insurance company behind the idea of "Pink Zones," or gender-segregated roads.

The company doesn't want all roads to be segregated, just the "most dangerous" ones.

The proposal came after Sheila's Wheels reviewed government data on traffic accidents in the U.K. The study showed that men are involved in an overwhelming majority of traffic accidents, but women account for more serious injuries than men.

The answer, according to the insurance company, would be to separate men and women on certain high risk roadways. Their proposal does not initially require any new roads to be built, just repainted pink to designate the places just meant for female drivers. The proposal from Sheila's Wheels claims the cost of creating the "Pink Zones" is a bargain: "46 times cheaper than HS2" — a proposed, high-speed mass transit rail system currently under consideration in England.

The repainting of the roads to create "Pink Zones" is just the first stage of the plan from Sheila's Wheels. Stage two would be the creation of "women-only flyovers above some of Britain’s busiest roads."

"Flyovers" refers to elevated stretches of roadway that would be just for women.

Image: PinkZones.com Image source: PinkZones.com

Additionally, the insurance company commissioned an online survey of adult drivers in England, which it claimed showed that 68 percent of respondents support the concept of sexually segregated roads.

Some members of TheBlaze edit staff question the seriousness of "Pink Zones" proposal from Sheila's Wheels. Is it a serious idea or just good promotion to get the company's name out in the marketplace?

What do you think — should the roads be segregated by gender? Join the conversation in our comments section and participate in TheBlaze poll.

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