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Watch What Instantly Happens After a Cop Uses His Taser on the 18-Year-Old in This Video


"He came at the officer, and the officer used his Taser one time."

(Source: WTIC-TV screen shot)

Newly released video of an encounter between a Hartford, Connecticut, police officer and an 18-year-old man has the family raising questions about the officer's actions. The video shows the officer threatening to taser the man on Tuesday afternoon, the man stopping and putting his arms by his side, and the officer firing the stun gun. And what happens as a result is adding to the criticism.

As soon as the man -- Luis Anglero, Jr. -- is hit with the taser's prongs, he stiffens up and falls straight back, appearing to hit his head hard on the sidewalk.

(Source: WTIC-TV screen shot) (Source: WTIC-TV screen shot)

WTIC-TV has the footage as well as an interview with the man's family, who believe the officer fired his taser "for no reason" and that it was obvious Anglero had stopped and submitted:

The Hartford Courrant has more background on what led to the incident, which apparently started when Anglero was bent on retaliating against someone who had allegedly hit his sister:

Police said the teen, 18-year old Luis Anglero Jr., was acting "aggressively" toward officers and was disobeying orders to leave the scene at Albany Avenue and Garden Street.


Family and friends say Anglero hit his head when he fell, drawing blood, and then began having what looked like a seizure. Anglero's condition was not immediately clear Tuesday evening and police said that although he was under arrest he had not been formally charged.

Hartford Deputy Chief Brian J. Foley, who was not at the scene, said the Taser shooting occurred because Anglero was acting aggressively toward officers and had disobeyed a police supervisor's orders not to advance any further.

"Officers were made alert of a group disturbance at the mini-mart," Foley said. "They made progress in breaking up that disturbance. The accused came into the scene aggressively, came running up the street toward the officers, took his shirt off, had his fists clenched. The officers gave him verbal commands to stay out of the scene. He ignored. He came at the officer, and the officer used his Taser one time."

The officer remains on the force and the local deputy chief said the family is welcome to file a complaint about excessive force.

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