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Can You Spot What's Missing From This Elementary School's Printed Handout of the Pledge of Allegiance?


"It was like an ‘Oh my gosh’ type of feeling."

Todd Starnes/Jessica Andrews

A mother said she was stunned when her daughter's elementary school recently distributed a printed copy of the Pledge of Allegiance that omitted the words "under God."

Jessica Andrews said that she felt the document, which came from a teacher at Chukker Creek Elementary School in Aiken, South Carolina, was "outrageous."

"It was like an ‘Oh my gosh’ type of feeling," she told Fox News' Todd Starnes. "It didn’t have ‘under God.'"

Andrews, a religious mother of six whose daughter is a fourth grader at the school, said that it seems as though "Christianity is getting taken out of everything."

Todd Starnes/Jessica Andrews A copy of the Pledge of Allegiance that omitted "under God" (Todd Starnes/Jessica Andrews)

"It seems like the government is doing everything they can to take God out of everything," she said.

But Principal Amy Gregory told Starnes that the omission was made in error when a teacher copied, pasted and photocopied an online version of the Pledge for her students.

"This was a single mistake by a very embarrassed and apologetic teacher," Gregory said in an email. "In order to assist her new students with our morning announcements, a teacher made copies of the pledge and national anthem for her class. She cut and pasted these from a website and in doing so, this line was omitted."

Once the teacher realized the mistake, Gregory said a corrected version was sent home to parents with an apology.

This is hardly the first flap over the words "under God," as atheists have long argued that the Pledge shouldn't contain a religious reference if it is going to continue being uttered in public schools.

TheBlaze analyzed the issue in-depth earlier this year, detailing where the public stands on the matter and recapping the Pledge's controversial history.

(H/T: Todd Starnes)

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