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Did a Missouri Bar Really Offer a 'Mike Brown Special' With '6 Shots of Something'?


"6 shots of something."

A Missouri bar owner said Friday that his establishment did not offer a "Mike Brown Special," despite a flurry of social media posts accusing the bar of just that.

In the afternoon an image depicting a sign outside St. Louis bar called The Lounge on Main started going viral on Twitter and Facebook.

"Mike Brown Special," the sign said. "6 shots of something."

The supposed special was in reference to the unarmed Ferguson black man who was fatally shot by a police officer earlier this month, igniting unrest in the Missouri suburb.

However, despite confirming the sign had been displayed outside his bar, owner Justin Donahue told BuzzFeed that his staff was not responsible for it.

"The parking lot sign is a community sign," he told the website. "Lots of times customers write on it— people put jokes on them. Yesterday, the sign was facing away from the bar and everybody inside couldn't see it."

(Image source: Facebook) Justin Donahue. (Image source: Facebook)

Donahue told BuzzFeed it was up for about 40 minutes before he removed it and disciplined the responsible customer.

“When I parked my car and went into the bar, I saw the sign and immediately took it down,” he said. “I confronted the customer who did it and asked him to leave the bar and never come back — he’s banned for life.”

Donahue, who has a half-black son, added to BuzzFeed that he'd be "the last person to ever put that message outside my restaurant."

(H/T: BuzzFeed)

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