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If You're Afraid of Spiders, You Probably Should Avoid Watching This Video: 'Holy Smokes


"Well.... I didn't want to sleep tonight anyways."

A new video posted online this week is taking the web by storm — and it involves one frightening looking spider.

The video, initially posted to Facebook and then uploaded to YouTube, shows a Segestria Florentina guarding an individual's shed, terrifying viewers.

"Well.... I didn't want to sleep tonight anyways," commented one.

[sharequote align="center"]"Well.... I didn't want to sleep tonight anyways."[/sharequote]

"Holy smokes," echoed another.

The footage depicts the spider crawl quietly out of its home. 33 seconds into the video, it appears another spider can also be seen moving on the left side of the screen.

The Segestria Florentina is a large spider native to Europe that typically occupies a "tube-web" located in a hole or crevice, according to a London natural history museum.

Those who have reported being bit experienced a "sharp and painful bite" which "felt like a deep injection," but ultimately subsided after a few hours, the museum added.

Watch the Footage:

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