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Putin is 'Writing a children's book called The Happy Octopus': The 'Tonight Show' gives the news a makeover


"This just in: stressed spelled backwards is desserts."

Image: YouTube

Did you see the "breaking news" recently?

  • President Obama and Speaker Boehner take a balloon ride to talk about their favorite colors.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

  • Valdimir Putin decides to stop being evil and takes up writing children's books.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

  • And, ghosts have never killed anyone.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Alright, those were not news stories on a real news report. However, they were the headlines delivered by real New York City news anchors participating a new sketch from "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" called "I've Got Good News and Good News."

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Give yourself a break from tsunami of bad news and enjoy this little bit of comedy.

Watch the segment courtesy of NBC:


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