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Take a Close Look at This Picture and See If You Can Spot Why Some Think the Fact That She Tried to Enter a Maternity Ward Is 'Really Scary


"We do not why they were in the hospital."

Patients and doctors were left disturbed this week after a couple holding life-like baby dolls tried to access the maternity ward of a hospital, their intentions unknown.

Merced, California, police told the Merced Sun Star the couple was spotted by security on Saturday when they went to the emergency room for care. A couple of days later, the man and woman showed up again. This time, the woman was able to make it to the second floor, which is where the maternity ward is located. In both instances, security noted the realistic-looking dolls.

Image source: KFSN-TV Image source: KFSN-TV

The police told the newspaper that the woman was able to reach the second floor with the baby doll in a baby carrier by "unknown means," but did not enter the maternity ward itself.

Some people find the couple's actions off and cause for some concern.

"It's really scary," Anisa De Los Santos told KFSN-TV. "I just had my son like a year ago and that was my main concern [...] always wanting to make sure who had my baby."

De Los Santos acknowledged that the ward seemed to a strict system for admitting visitors to this ward.

Watch KFSN's report:

The hospital passed out a flier to other area medical centers so they were aware of the unusual situation. Because the couple had previously visited the hospital and were logged into the system, the newspaper reported that police have their identity but had not yet spoken to them.

"We do not why they were in the hospital,” Mercy Medical Center's spokesman Bob McLaughlin told the Sun Star.

KFSN reported that the couple was told by security after the second incident that if they were spotted at the hospital again, they would be arrested. Though suspicious, police told the news station that the couple has not yet done anything illegal.

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