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The Surprise Man Found Inside the Home He Just Bought Is Almost as Shocking as What He’ll Have to Do to Take Care of It


Roy Nylund recently bought a new home in Portland, Oregon, but included with the house was a pair of unwelcome squatters who would ultimately make the homeowner’s life extremely difficult.

Nylund says he sent a contractor to some work after he had closed on the home, but the contractor later called him back and told him there were two people occupying the place.

Not only had they changed the locks, the squatters also reportedly had started a utility service in their name.


The new homeowner called the police, but officers said there wasn’t much they could do about it. Neighbors reportedly said they witnessed a couple moving into the home after it had sat vacant for months.

Since then, Nylund has reportedly tried to reason with the squatters, even offering to pay them to leave his home.

"These people are pretty sharp. They turned the power on 30 days prior to moving into it, and they paid the power bill while the home was vacant,” he told KPTV.

A local attorney told the news station that Nylund will be forced to file a forcible entry and detainer action in court in order to get the squatters removed from his home.


(H/T: Gawker)

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