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During Live Coverage a TV News Helicopter Makes One Monstrous Discovery


"It's too scared."

Image source: WGN-TV

After heavy rain across the Chicago area caused flash flooding and transportation delays Friday, a local TV station's camera — providing a helicopter's view of the situation — came upon a sight that momentarily made newscasters forget all about their waterlogged town.

"Is that the Hulk there in the backyard?" one WGN-TV newscaster asked on air.

Image source: WGN-TV Image source: WGN-TV

"I'm sorry," she went on, "I'm just getting distracted by this video."

As the crew eyeballed the legendary comic-book character in the middle of the yard, a man emerged from the house — presumably after he noticed the helicopter trained on his property — and stood by the Hulk statue...and posed:

Image source: WGN-TV Image source: WGN-TV

Which cracked up the newscasters.

"That's right baby! That's how we roll," said one newscaster. "That water will be gone soon."

Image source: WGN-TV Image source: WGN-TV

"Notice there's no water in his backyard," said another. "It's too scared."

"Safest house in town," a third noted.

Check out the clip:

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