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The Massachusetts State Police Had to Apologize After Someone Noticed This Bumper Sticker on Their Cruiser


"Vandalism I hope?"

Image source: Chris Kantos / Twitter

Massachusetts State Police apologized Monday after they first accused an individual of fabricating evidence showing a distasteful bumper sticker on one of their police vehicles.

Chris Kantos, who was walking in Boston Sunday morning, came across an official police cruiser when he noticed a bumper sticker attached to it.

"Racial Profiling Saves Lives," the sticker read.

Image source: Chris Kantos / Twitter Image source: Chris Kantos / Twitter

Kantos immediately snapped a picture of the cruiser and tweeted it to the Massachusetts State Police and Gov. Deval Patrick.

But, instead of immediately acknowledging that the sticker was on the vehicle, the official Twitter account of the Massachusetts State Police accused Kantos of fabricating the photo.

"Uknown to Tpr assigned cruiser, we checked immediately. No bumper sticker. #photoshopfail," the tweet said.

"Why on earth would I photoshop something like that?" Kantos asked on Twitter.

On Monday, after an investigation, the Massachusetts State Police conceded they were at fault.

"Sorry for any earlier confusion of authenticity," part of their message to Kantos said.

Authorities said the sticker was immediately removed and blamed a vandal for placing it on a cruiser.

(H/T: Boston Magazine)

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