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‘You Stupid Jacka**’: CNN Airs Heated Verbal Altercation Between Officer Darren Wilson Supporter and Ferguson Business Owner


"That was ugly."

A heated verbal altercation between a Ferguson small business owner and an officer Darren Wilson supporter was captured on video by a cable news camera crew this week.

The confrontation came as CNN host Jake Tapper attempted to interview a crowd of demonstrators who were rallying for the cop that shot an unarmed black teen earlier this month.

"We don't want any controversy," the shop owner told CNN and the protesters. "There's a lot of black people live around here and I want for the peace."

"It's my First Amendment right and I am a United States citizen," one Wilson supporter told the man.

That didn't sit well with the unidentified small business owner.

"I am a United States citizen too!" he shot back. "I am a United States citizen."

That's when the Wilson supporter told the small business owner — who had an accent — to "speak English."

"I am speaking English, do you understand that?!" the man shouted back. "You stupid jackass!"

After airing the altercation, CNN anchor Carol Costello couldn't help but share her thoughts.

"OK, that was ugly," she said.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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