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These Nine Americans Have a Message for the Islamic State: ‘I Think U.S. Armed Forces and ISIS Need to Have a Little Talk’


"Bring it on ISIS"

Nine Americans recently turned to popular smartphone application Whisper to send a message to the Islamic State terror group — and they appear to be fed up with the group's continuous stream of threats to the U.S.

One individual, located in West Virginia, said he had just signed his contract to enlist in the National Guard.

"Bring it on ISIS," he wrote.

[sharequote="center"]"Bring it on ISIS"[/sharequote]

Another individual in North Carolina said he thinks it's time "U.S. armed forces and ISIS have a little talk" and is just "waiting for Obama to arrange the meeting."

Whisper guarantees its users absolute anonymity and, as a result, some of the confessions are raw and powerful.

1. Just Enlisted

Location:  Beckley, West Virginia

2. Send Me Back

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Can we just go and eliminate ISIS already? Send me back.

3. Fire Inside

Location: Fort Bragg, North Carolina

4. A Little Talk

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

5. Served in the Army

Location: Champaign, Illinois

Huah!  I'm not a war veteran, but I did serve in the Army.  (And both of my sisters are Marines who fought in Afghanistan). Those ISIS fuckers will be a pile of corpses before they reach my front door!!

6. Eliminate the Islamic State

Location: Los Angeles

7. Destroy Them?

Location: Falls Church, Virginia

8. Eradicate Them

Location: Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

9. They Signed Their Own Death Certificate

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Read more about what others are saying about the the Islamic State terror group on Whisper. Download here.

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