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You Will Be Crushed': Hollywood Actor Delivers Scathing Warning to Islamic State


"Your disregard for every living thing is pathetic. You are nothing."

Entertainers and media personalities are speaking out in the wake of the Islamic State's horrific execution of journalist Steven Sotloff.

Actress Lori Loughlin, star of TV shows "Full House" and "90210," tweeted her grievances directly to President Barack Obama Tuesday night.

"With all due respect Mr. President I think it's time to come up with a strategy to deal with #ISIS. Another American #beheaded," Loughlin tweeted.

And as Twitchy noted, actor Ron Perlman, star of the "Hellboy" film series and TV's "Sons of Anarchy," directly lambasted the Islamic State, telling the terror group that it will be "crushed."

"Make no mistake, #ISIL, you will be crushed. You lose by your very being," Perlman wrote. "Your disregard for every living thing is pathetic. You are nothing."

Laughlin and Perlman aren't alone, either. Other entertainers, commentators and reporters have joined them in voicing strong reactions to the Islamic State's murderous actions.

Consider that Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera tweeted in favor of destroying and beheading "the ISIS butchers" Wednesday — and anchor Heather Childers implored Obama to "do something" in a tweet sent Tuesday evening.

And as TheBlaze previously reported, "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson has also shared his views on the matter.

Obama decried Sotloff's murder a "horrific act of violence" Wednesday morning. Sotloff is the second American journalist killed by Islamic State militants following James Foley's death last month.

(H/T: Twitchy)

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