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Former Congressman Allen West Just Got a New Tattoo That Pro-Gun Advocates Are Saying Is 'Just Awesome!!!



Former Florida Congressman Allen West showed off his new tattoo on Thursday, earning even more respect from pro-gun advocates in the process.

Inked across his right forearm is “Molon Labe,” which translates to “Come and take [them]” in Greek.

The Daily Caller elaborates on the origin of the phrase:

The phrase was a motto of the Texas revolution, and has become a favorite of anti-gun control activists. It’s said that when the Persian emperor Xerxes demanded King Leonidas and his Spartan army of 300 men lay down their arms and surrender at the battle of Thermopylae, Leonidas replied “Molon Labe,” which is Greek for “Come and take [them].”

The response to the photo, posted on the Ace’s High Tattoo Shop’s Instagram page, was overwhelmingly positive.

“Iconic,” one user commented.

“Just AWESOME!!!" another wrote.

“I just saw this, that's dope! He's got my vote,” yet another added.

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