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The Stunning Thing That Appears to Have Happened After Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Detroit Is Almost Too Disturbing to Believe


It could be a very sad day for humanity...

Screengrab via Fox 2 Detroit video

A 22-year-old man lost his life in Detroit on Monday after he crashed his speeding motorcycle into a car. However, what appears to have happened after the accident is leaving people disgusted.

As the driver of the motorcycle lay dying in the street, an male who claimed to be the man’s cousin drove off with the motorcycle that was still running. Further, a woman who claimed to be his girlfriend got out of a car and took the man’s belongings, including a tablet and a phone.

Screengrab via Fox 2 Detroit video Screengrab via Fox 2 Detroit video

As of Tuesday night, it was still unknown if the people were who they claimed to be. As many readers have pointed out, it seems highly strange that a family member and a girlfriend would actually be more concerned about taking off with the man’s belongings than his well-being.

Deadline Detroit has more details about the accident:

Fox 2's Taryn Asher reports that it all began when the a Pontiac Grand Am car was trying to turn into a gas station at the intersection of 7 Mile Road and Greenview on Detroit's west side.

As the car was pulling into the station,  the speeding motorcycle driven by a 22-year-old man crashed into the car. Police say the motorcycle was going too fast, which appears to have resulted in the accident.

Watch the news station’s video report below:

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