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New Protests, Arrests in Ferguson: 'If (Darren Wilson) Doesn't Get a Guilty Conviction, This Whole Nation Is Going to Riot


Police clashed with protesters trying to "shut down" Interstate 70.

Police clashed with protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, on Wednesday as demonstrations have resumed over the police-involved, fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Multiple arrests were made, though it was unclear how many, St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Joel Currier reported.

The community appears to be growing impatient as Ferguson officer Darren Wilson waits to find out whether or not he will be indicted by a grand jury in Brown’s death. Some in the community are vowing only a conviction will satisfy protesters.

"If (Darren Wilson) doesn't get a guilty conviction, this whole nation is going to riot." St. Louis resident Whitman Harris told Currier.

Activist Eric Vickers also told the reporter that demonstrators plan to “shut down” the highway in Ferguson. At least 10 protesters were arrested after they unsuccessfully attempted to block Interstate 70, the LA Times reports.

CNN has video of police preventing the protesters from illegally blocking traffic:

Earlier on Wednesday, a brick was reportedly thrown at police, causing a “skirmish” at a gas station.

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