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These states still have hanging, electrocution and the firing squad as possible options for execution


Lethal injection is the primary form of execution in the United States now, but did you know that there are still other options in some states?

Will Cain, co-host of Cain and Cupp on TheBlaze Radio and Real News on TheBlaze TV, takes on the issue of capital punishment in the U.S. and explains the entire history in a three-minute TheBlaze Explains video. Thirty-two states have capital punishment; among them, Florida still uses electrocution, Utah has the firing squad, Idaho has hanging and even Arizona has the gas chamber.

See the full history:

Some other facts:

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  • Hanging was the predominant form of execution in the U.S. in the 1800s, before being overtaken by electrocution, and finally lethal injection.
  • The first state to perform a lethal injection was Texas in 1982.
  • The Supreme Court has found lethal injection is not a form of cruel and unusual punishment, unlike several other methods of execution specifically noted as a violation of the Eighth Amendment.

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