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11 Seconds Into This Video, You'll See What Had a Concert Goer Turning His Camera Away From the Band and Up to the Sky


"Biggest thing I've seen in the sky except for moon."

Those attending the Rifflandia Music Festival in British Columbia over the weekend saw more than just musicians rocking out on stage. If they looked up to the clear night sky, they might have spotted a fireball.

The American Meteor Society received nearly 200 reports about a possible fireball from witnesses in British Columbia, Washington and Oregon.

Someone going by the username "mituser's channel" on YouTube was at the Death Cab for Cutie concert Saturday and briefly turned his camera up to the sky to catch what appeared to be a meteorite with a bit of a tail.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Watch his footage that shows the fireball around 11 seconds:

Some who reported seeing the fireball compared to looking like a firework. Another person described it as the "biggest thing I've seen in the sky except for moon."

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