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When a Man Allegedly Tried to Rob a Family-Owned Convenience Store, a Son Stepped Up to Defend His Folks


"My family, their lives, were in my hands."

Image via KPRC-TV

When a shotgun-toting masked man — an alleged robber — burst into a family-owned convenience store in Houston Friday night, 20-year-old Usman Seth leapt into action to protect his kin, KPRC-TV reported.

Image via KPRC-TV Image via KPRC-TV

"I wanted to make the threat go away," he told the Houston Chronicle. "My family, their lives, were in my hands. I had to protect them."

And protect them he did.

Image via KPRC-TV Image via KPRC-TV

Seth shot the masked man, first in the leg and later, after Seth claimed the man refused to drop his weapon, again as the man was pressed up against a vending machine.

The alleged robber died at the scene.

KHOU-TV reported that the case would be referred to a grand jury.

But from Seth's perspective, there's not much to debate.

"It was not wrong, because... I was protecting my family," he told KPRC.

Image via KPRC-TV Image via KPRC-TV

None of the family members were reported injured.

The family has reportedly received death threats following the incident, but Seth, who noted that the store has been robbed four times in the past three years, told KHOU that he was prepared to defend his family again.

"I'm ready for them, if they try that stupid thing again," Seth said.

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