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'Sounds Like Terroristic Threats': Blaze Readers React to Angry Residents Who Took Over Meeting, Demanded Ferguson Police Officer’s Arrest


"Go live in Russia and act like that...and then see where you end up."

TheBlaze posted a story earlier this week featuring videos of angry Ferguson residents at a St. Louis County Council meeting who condemned police and called for officer Darren Wilson’s arrest in connection to the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

One protestor said, "If Darren Wilson get off y'all better bring every army y'all got. Cause it's going down."

Here's what some readers of TheBlaze had to say about the story:


Arrest him for what? Doing his job?

Chuck Stein

“The controversial shooting” is only “controversial” because the uninformed and ill-intentioned have been shooting their mouths off about it.

Al J Zira

She supports the police, they support Brown. I support the law. We have a trial in this country with juries and judges and all kinds of stuff. If he broke the law and the evidence supports it, he should go to jail. If the evidence shows he’s innocent, do you think these people will be satisfied? Hence the problem.


When they start giving equal reporting on the black cop shooting the unarmed white kid in Utah, I might start paying attention. Otherwise it is nothing more that race baiting and temper tantrums.


Sometimes the best solution to a situation is to give them what they want.

And what I mean by this is...turn the entire City of Ferguson over to the residents, and everyone else just quit, and let them deal with it.


Face the facts, Ferguson. The so-called gentle giant had a criminal past and it was obvious he thought his size and color gave him the right to mistreat others (i.e., a store owner and then a cop). If you have problems in Ferguson, start looking at yourself and make changes! Get off the dole, get educated, get a job and grow up. The cop was doing his job and you just don’t want to admit it. All you are doing is making yourselves look more foolish and accomplishing nothing. The police and town owe you nothing and you owe your lives to the police. Remove the police, and you will kill yourselves!


WOW! This looks like how a lynching starts. This is revenge….NOT JUSTICE. These sad people have become what they hate. They have already tried and convicted the officer and have no evidence to support their actions calling for his head. How can they say what was in officer Wilson’s heart that night when they don’t even recognize what is in their own hearts now?


Never let the facts get in the way of your agenda.

I blame – in part – the media for this. They have refused to air the facts supporting officer Wilson in equal proportion to the allegations against him. They feed this hatred because they refuse to provide any information that doesn’t fit their narrative. Sharpton, Jackson, and Holder are equally as culpable. They lose all credibility — the media and the race hustlers — when they overreport a story like Ferguson and then underreport a story regarding the related racial beating of Ralph Weems.


We are an angry mob, and if we don’t get our way we're going to commit more crimes.

Great mentality. Each person who chose to disrupt the council meeting should have been arrested.

Way to go Ferguson! Show the whole country how stupid you are and then blame it on the police and the county officials.

Go live in Russia and act like that...and then see where you end up.


These folks don’t want justice; they want revenge for a young man’s death — a young man who beat up a police office just minutes after strong arming and stealing from a local business.

It is reminiscent of past cases: O.J. Simpson, Trayvon Martin, Tawana Brawley, the Duke lacrosse team, etc., etc.

So very sad for our country when people don’t care about who the real criminal is – they just want to hurt the real victims.


Antonio West? Recognize him?

He was the 13-month old shot in the face at point-blank range by two black teens attempting to rob his mother, who also was shot.

His murder and his mother’s wounding made the news for maybe a day, and then disappeared.

A grand jury from Brunswick, Georgia, ruled the black teens who murdered the child won't face the death penalty. Too bad it was instead this little boy who got the death sentence from his killers – because his mother didn’t have the money they demanded.

This innocent victim’s family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but his murder wasn’t ruled a "hate crime."

Oh, and President Obama didn’t take a single moment to acknowledge his murder.

He couldn’t have any children who could possibly look like this little boy — so why should he care?

And the media didn’t care to cover the story of his being killed in cold blood.

There isn’t a white equivalent of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson because that person would be branded a "racist."

So no one’s rushing to Brunswick to demonstrate and demand "justice" for Antonio. There’s no white group, either, putting a bounty on the lives of the two black teens who murdered him.

This little boy has no voice. He has no strident representation, and unlike those who shot him in the face while he sat innocently in his stroller, he has no life.


As sad as any killing is, only a few people truly know what happened on the night that this young man was killed. Let us all remember that Michael Brown was not innocent nor was he just a teen. He was an 18-year-old man who weighed almost 300 pounds and stood several inches taller than 6 feet. He used his size to get what he wanted. This certainly doesn’t mean that the officer didn’t use excessive force, but we don’t know that until the investigation is complete. If this had been a black officer, would this story have made the news? How about if the officer was black and Michael was white? Would that have been in the news? And lastly, what if both individuals had been white? Would that have made the news? Would our president and U.S. attorney general even pay attention to this unfortunate killing if it were anything other than a white cop and a black man? I don’t think so. Where is the outrage all across our country with people being killed? White, black, Hispanic, men, women, children, gays, etc. Justice needs to be served for both the police officer, Darren Wilson, and the family of Michael Brown.


“If Darren Wilson get off y’all better bring every army y’all got. Cause it’s going down.”

Sounds like terroristic threats to me. Arrest 'em!

(A terroristic threat is defined as a declaration of intent to commit a crime of violence against another with the intent of threatening a person, building, facility, or public or private habitat.)

They want the cop’s head, and it doesn’t seem to matter if he is guilty or innocent.


What these people are doing is evil and they are practicing racism. Only some of the evidence has been revealed: We saw Michael Brown acting in an amoral and threatening manner. This should cause these people some doubt as to whether the cop is guilty or not.

I'm willing to wait for more evidence to come out before I “convict”: If the officer misused his power he should be prosecuted, but if this kid was charging at him, the cop has the right to defend himself.

This reminds me of The Boy who Cried Wolf. People are accusing racism so often that when something really egregious happens, no one believes it.


Where I come from, you have to sign up & be recognized to speak at a gov’t meeting. Then you are allotted a speaking time – usually three to five minutes.

And doing something like jumping up & spouting off is a crime — a class B misdemeanor.

Those folks behind the bench are nothing but lackeys too scared to call in the cops & have any violators arrested.

And then we wonder why these types are getting bolder — because no one will do anything.

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