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You'll Never Believe How Many Stray Chihuahuas Are Running Around in the San Francisco Area


"It's market saturation."

Some Californians are saying "no quiero" to Chihuahuas.

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Apparently there's a surplus of thousands of the small dogs with large ears after years of the being popularized in commercials and Hollywood movies. Humane societies within the state are having such a hard time getting people to adopt this type of dog that some are being flown to states with more capacity.

"There's such an overabundance of these dogs, what do we do with them all? It's heartbreaking," Deirdre Strickland,who runs the pro-Chihuahua group Power of Chi, told the San Francisco Chronicle. "Especially the tan males. They can be great dogs, but no one wants them."

Allison Lindquist, director of the East Bay SPCA, told the newspaper that more than half of the 3,000 dogs brought to it each year are small dogs, like Chihuahuas. Other shelters see even higher percentages, the Chronicle reported.

"Eight years ago, there'd be a line out the door of people wanting to adopt little dogs. Not anymore," she said. "Now we have too many of them. It's market saturation."

With such an excess, KHOU-TV reported last week that 20 Chihuahua or Chihuahua mixes were transported from Los Angeles to Houston. Watch the news station's report:

Even with some other shelters taking in extra dogs, the Chronicle reported that there are still a number of the breed that roam the streets. Vickie Bell, who works at an Oakland, California, shelter, said they've never gotten a report about a violent Chihuahua. Life on the street is more of a danger to the dog itself because they are smaller and more vulnerable to being hit by cars and attacks by larger dogs.

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