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Mystery Woman Risks Everything to Give You Unprecedented Look at Life Under Islamic State in Syria


"We can see your face..."

(Screengrab via France 2)

New video captured by an unidentified woman in the Syrian city of Raqqa reportedly provides an unprecedented look at life under the rule of the Islamic State terrorist group. As the Daily Mail notes, Raqqa has been the Syrian “capital” for the radical militant regime.

The video, first aired on a French TV channel, was secretly recorded and shows how women are forced to live under strict Sharia law. Women must wear traditional Islamic garb and no music or entertainment is allowed.

In one exchange, an armed man is seen flagging down the woman filming and telling her that she needs to “behave better” in public.

(Screengrab via France 2) (Screengrab via France 2)

“Why?” the woman replies.

“We can see your face,” he says.

“Really? I am truly sorry. My niqab might be a little bit transparent,” she adds.

He then tells her that Allah loves women who cover themselves up.

Screengrab via France 2 Screengrab via France 2

More from the Daily Mail:

Men wielding Kalashnikov assault rifles are seen everywhere in the city, which is about 100 miles from Aleppo, Syria's largest city.

But it is not just men who have taken up arms to defend their nascent regime. The film shows a woman in a niqab taking children to the park - with a rifle slung over one shoulder.


[The report] also features some of the estimated 150 women who have chosen to leave France to live in the Islamic State.

Watch the stunning footage below:

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