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Major General Paul Vallely: Obama's strategy will weaken American military — and it's 'intentional\










Major General Paul Vallely believes that Resident Obama needs to be removed from office. On my show this weekend, Valleley joined a growing chorus of military leaders, both in and out of the service, questioning whether Obama's strategy against the Islamic State will result in victory or even if Obama wants victory.

From his irresponsible pull-out of Iraq to his unrealistic pledge of, "no American boots on the ground," even Obama's former Secretaries of Defense Leon Panetta and Robert Gates have openly questioned Obama's decision making.

In an era where America's military leadership is being forcibly purged from service by Team Obama, the occupier of the Oval Office appears to be earning American's growing distrust of his actions and intentions.

Cue to 1:35:20 to hear the highly-charged interview:

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