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That's a '300-Foot' Bridge — and He's About to Jump


Both beautiful and terrifying.

(Source: YouTube)

He goes by the name "theonecrazyfrenchman" on YouTube. One look at his latest video and it's clear why.

That latest video is titled "Rope swing off 300' high bridge." The description is simple: "After nearly 2 years since my last jump. I took my buddy out for his first giant rope swing off a 300' high bridge."

(Source: YouTube) (Source: YouTube)

It shows two guys tiptoeing around the guts of a massive bridge, weaving a rope through the trusses. Eventually, they secure their restraints and take the leap.

It's unclear where the jump took place. But the scenery is both beautiful and terrifying. Try to prevent the lump in your throat as you watch it all unfold:

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