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Would You Wear a Watch That Comes With an Eerie Prediction?


"I don't need that kind of pressure on my wrist."


Would you wear a watch that predicts when you will die?

According to the people who created Tikker's "Happiness Life Countdown Watch," it is not a death watch, but a tool to remind us to have more fun and enjoy our lives.

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The digital timepiece functions as a simple wristwatch, but also has a countdown function that tells the wearer just how much time they have on earth.

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How does Tikker know when you could die? It gets the information from you.

The $80 watch comes with a questionnaire that asks some basic lifestyle questions and then computes how much time you have left.

A quick survey of TheBlaze newsroom found very few employees who would volunteer to wear the Tikker. Doc Thompson, host of "The Morning Blaze" responded, "I don't need that kind of pressure on my wrist."

An interesting sidebar to this story, Tikker went from a concept to the pages of Skymall in less than a year thanks to the internet crowd-funding web site Kickstarter.

Would you wear a watch that also counts down how much time you have left to live? We invite you to take our Blaze poll on the subject and comment below.

Watch the video they have created to explain the device.


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