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This Man Breaking a Windshield with His Face Proves That Dash Cams Are the Best Insurance Policy


"Insurance scammer"?

Image via LiveLeak

Nothing shouts "get a dash cam!" quite like video of a man leaping onto the hood of a car and bashing his head, zombie-style, into the windshield.

Video posted to LiveLeak Thursday shows just that.

The circumstances surrounding the video remain unclear, though the video poster wrote that the incident took place on Sept. 19 in South Korea and labeled the man as an "insurance scammer."

Image via LiveLeak Image via LiveLeak

In the video, the man rushes the car as the people inside scream, leaping on the hood and smashing the windshield with his forehead.

Image via LiveLeak Image via LiveLeak

Is he an "insurance scammer," faking being hit by a car to milk money from an insurance company (or the driver)?

Perhaps, but if he is, the people inside the car were well-prepared with their dash cam, with the video hopefully thwarting any attempts at an ill-gotten payout.

Dash cams are almost ubiquitous in Russia, where many drivers install them as protection against crooked cops and other drivers, and as evidenced by the "insurance scammer" video (and scores more like it), dashboard-mounted cameras are gaining in popularity worldwide.

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