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Creators of New 'Left Behind' Movie Share Common Misconception About the Rapture


"The scriptures are clear about that."

Nicolas Cage stars in 'Left Behind,' in theaters Friday October 3. (Image credit: YouTube)

Jerry Jenkins, co-author of the wildly successful "Left Behind" series -- which has been turned into a movie starring Nicolas Cage -- said Monday that there is a common misconception about end times and the rapture.

"People often say, you know, 'Is this a deal where the good people go and the bad people stay?' And I have to say, having been a Christian most of my life, there are some people that will go that are worse than the people who stay," Jenkins said on The Glenn Beck Program.

"It's not about being good or bad, it's about being forgiven," he added. "It's about believers. And that's a sad fact."

You can see the trailer for the "Left Behind" movie, which is in theaters Friday, below:

For those not familiar with the concept of the rapture, TheBlaze's faith editor Billy Hallowell was also on the program. He explained that it is "an event where Christians, essentially, are brought up to heaven by Jesus, and then there's a seven-year period after this happens, and it's a tribulation period."

"During that time, horrific things happen on earth," he continued. "There's the rise of the anti-Christ and then there's the second coming [of Jesus]."

Hallowell noted that not all Christians agree that the rapture will happen, and you can read his complete story about the theological background of the proposed event here.

Willie Robertson of the A&E hit 'Duck Dynasty' appears on The Glenn Beck Program September 29, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Willie Robertson of the A&E hit 'Duck Dynasty' appears on The Glenn Beck Program September 29, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Willie Robertson of "Duck Dynasty," who is an executive producer of the movie, agreed with Jenkins' description of the rapture, telling Beck that "doing some great things can't save you."

"I think that's the whole point -- you never know what's in someone's heart," he said. "The scriptures are clear about that."

The "Duck Dynasty" star said he and his family signed on to the project because they wanted to help create a good, positive film.

"It's just an action packed movie, and I just want people to think and walk away from the movie and perhaps search, ask some questions about their lives," he said.

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