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One Month Before a Life-Changing Operation, Woman Receives Astonishing News: ‘Wow’


"This story brings chills to me."

After five operations, a woman was told by doctors that having a child of her own would never happen — three months later, she received astonishing news that proved the medical professionals wrong.

In a weekend post on popular Facebook page Humans of New York, the unidentified woman revealed her story.

"I'd had five operations on my uterus, and after the last one, the doctor sat me down and told me that I would never have a child," she said. "He scheduled a surgery to have my uterus completely removed. I wanted a baby so much, so it was almost like hearing that my life was over."

Then, one week later, the woman said she "started feeling strange."

"I started craving bread and falling asleep early, but I've always had problems with my hormone levels, so I thought it was nothing," she said. "My friends would joke that I was pregnant, but it was too hurtful for me to even joke about. Then after three months, I felt so bad that I had to spend a day in bed, and after that my friend drove me to the pharmacy and forced me to take a pregnancy test."

"I came home and laid the test on the counter without even looking at it. I didn't want to be let down again," the woman continued. "Then right before I went to bed, I finally looked, and there it was. After all these years, I still have that test. One month before they were going to remove my uterus, I'd finally gotten pregnant."

The post on the Humans of New York page has now gone viral, amassing nearly 400,000 likes and more than 10,000 shares on Facebook.

"Miracles happen in the least expected moments in life," one individual commented on the post.

[sharequote="center"]"This story brings chills to me. Wow."[/sharequote]

"And we plan and plan but God is the best of planners," wrote another.

"This story brings chills to me. Wow," commented yet another.

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