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Video Captures Man's Attempt to Outrun the Police. He Made One Big Mistake That Ended the Whole Thing.


"Get back, get the f*** back."

Image via LiveLeak

Pro tip: When you're parked in front of a building, make sure your car is in reverse before gunning it.

While he led cops on what might have been the slowest, weirdest foot-chase in San Antonio's history, one man still bizarrely managed to get himself and a police officer injured, as video posted to LiveLeak Sunday shows.

Image via LiveLeak Image via LiveLeak

Multiple times during the video, police officers loudly command an intervening woman to, "Get back, get the f*** back," as she attempts to step between them and the fleeing man.

The woman, in turn, yells, "Record it, record it," to the several bystanders, and the man capturing footage seems happy to oblige.

The group turns a corner, and the man makes it inside his car, at which point he makes a chase-ending bad decision.

Image via LiveLeak Image via LiveLeak

He rams the car into the side of a Subway Restaurant, backs up, and then rams it again.

Image via LiveLeak Image via LiveLeak

After the second crash, the car is kaput, but officers still have their work cut out for them getting him out of the car.

(Content warning: strong language and violence)

The video may be circulating widely on the Internet, but the events that kicked off the abortive chase remain unclear.

According to a preliminary police report obtained by TheBlaze, the incident occurred Thursday afternoon and the man, tentatively identified as 27-year-old Daniel Robledo, may have been involved in a family disturbance issue.

After allegedly giving police a fake name inside a home, Robledo was allowed to leave, but when police realized he'd given a false identity, they tracked him back down.

He apparently said he'd go quietly — until an officer actually tried to put handcuffs on him, at which point the preliminary report said he started resisting.

The 135-pound man managed to get free and run to his car, even as officers were striking him with their batons, the report indicated.

At the car, one officer was halfway inside, grappling with Robledo, when the vehicle smashed into the Subway, the report said.

The officer was injured, his head slamming into the windshield, but he kept hanging on to Robledo, the report said, and eventually the man was successfully arrested.

Robledo, who the report said had outstanding warrants, now faces a slew of charges related to resisting arrest and assaulting a peace officer.

According to the preliminary report, it's not yet clear if he was on drugs at the time of his failed escape attempt.

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