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The Words Cop Yells From His Cruiser to a Terrified Mother Are a Big Reason He's Out of a Job


"Right here what, baby? I'm on a call!"

A 28-year Dallas police veteran was fired after department officials said he ignored a cry for help from a woman on a street — and even after dispatch said her children had been kidnapped, WFAA-TV reported.

But that's not all: When Senior Corporal Leslie Richardson slowed down his cruiser to hear the terrified mother yell, "That's him, that's him, right there," the officer yelled back an incredible reply:

"Right here what, baby? I'm on a call."

And Richardson kept right on going, Dallas police stated, even after the dispatcher radioed that the woman's ex had "just grabbed the kids."

That exchange was captured on video from inside Richardson's cruiser and posted to YouTube by police:

Miesha Kilson called police when she found her ex-boyfriend Steven Douglas in her apartment in August. That triggered an altercation in which Douglas rammed Kilson's car, threatened her with a gun, and kidnapped the two children they had together, WFAA reported.

As the incident on the morning of Aug. 25 ensued, Richardson was headed to a burglary. At the same time "the dispatcher announced a Disturbance Emergency call which required a code 3 lights and siren response," police said in a statement. The dispatch let units know about "threats with a gun and also gave vehicle descriptions of the complainant and suspect" along with where Douglas was reportedly following Kilson.

Richardson was driving on the same street.

"The dispatcher announced shots being fired and the suspect ramming the complainant’s vehicle," police noted, adding that one minute later Richardson "passed the suspect’s vehicle, which was parked in a grassy area to his right and seconds later approached the complainant’s vehicle."

Which is when Richardson yelled back his now infamous response to Kilson.

Kilson told WFAA in an earlier story that Richardson "sped off and never came back... He left me there."

Richardson wasn't done. After answering the burglary call, police said he failed to "immediately clear from the call to make himself available as required by policy." He was also seen using a tobacco product in the cruiser, police said.

As for Douglas, he was later shot and killed by a different Dallas police officer after pointing a gun at the officer, WFAA said. Douglas' mother told the news station that her son shouldn't have died and that the circumstances never should have gotten to the point they did.

Kilson agreed. "I never thought my kids would lose their daddy," she told WFAA. "Not like that, not so early."

In their Wednesday termination of Richardson, police concluded that he "placed persons in greater danger than necessary when he failed to take any action as a police officer and made an inappropriate comment to a citizen." He can appeal the decision.

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