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Dear Future Son-in-Law': Dad's Open Letter Offers a Big-Time Lesson for His Daughter's Future Husband


"My prayer is that you are a man who puts God first."

Jason Romano (Image via Twitter/Jason Romano)

A Connecticut father has penned a touching open letter to his 10-year-old daughter’s future husband, outlining his wishes for the type of man he should be and noting that he wants his daughter to one day "trust God, honor God, and put Jesus at the center of her marriage and her family."

Jason Romano (Image via Twitter/Jason Romano) Jason Romano (Image via Twitter/Jason Romano)

The letter, titled, “Dear Future Son-in-Law,” was penned by Jason Romano, a communications professional who has worked in TV and radio for many years.

It speaks directly his daughter's future fiancé, explaining in no uncertain terms what he expects from him.

"My prayer is that you are a man who puts God first. I pray that you develop such a deep and intimate relationship with the Lord that you just want to continue to pursue him every single day," Romano wrote. "That pursuit will allow you to love my daughter in an amazing and powerful way."

The note, which is filled with a number of heartfelt expectations, opens with a candid admission: that handing his daughter over for marriage one day won’t be an easy feat.

“Sarah is 10 now but soon she’ll be old enough to drive and then date, and then get engaged and then get married. And you’re the person she’ll choose to marry,” Romano wrote. “But I’m the first man that has ever loved her. Giving up that title and handing it over to you will not be a very good moment for me.”

But he wasn’t done there, quipping: “I’m pretty sure that the day I meet you, I won’t like you. In fact, I probably won’t like you for a good amount of time.”

While Romano said his daughter is currently consumed with the 5th grade and associated children's activities, he knows that boys will one day be an additional area of interest. 

"Each night, I cherish the 5-10 minutes we spend together in prayer and discussion. I usually get on the end of her bed and tuck her in," he wrote. "We talk about the happenings of each day and always end in prayer.  Sometimes we both pray, sometimes I only pray, but we always spend that time together each night."

Romano added that, despite his jokes and qualms about the future, he's excited to meet his future son-in-law and to welcome him with open arms into his family.  

In an interview with TheBlaze, Romano said he had been "kicking around the idea" of an open letter for the past six months. After seeing a friend get married over the summer, he said he made the decision to finally pen it.

"In August, I went to a good friend of mines wedding and watching her get married and seeing the bond of her and her dad had me thinking about me and my daughter," he said, noting that he plans to continue writing about "seasons of life" on his blog. "Thus, the letter to my daughter's future son-in-law."

Read the letter in its entirety here.

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