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Ex-Islamic State Hostage Stuns Family, CNN Reporter When Asked How He Feels About the Terrorist Group


"They are right."

A Syrian Kurdish schoolboy kidnapped by Islamic State militants more than four months ago and released in the last few days told CNN he was "terrified" at first by his experience.

He was taken with other kidnapped boys and entrenched in the Islamic State's version of the Muslim faith, CNN said.

Image source: CNN Image source: CNN

They were forced to watch videos of beheadings and amputations and taught to pray at a mosque, he said.

They also were taken to a school for questioning. The boy told CNN reporter Arwa Damon he was hit with cables but added that some got it worse. Electrocutions. Hangings from a ceiling.

"When are they going to kill us?" he said he wondered. "Today? Tomorrow?"

Then the boy said he found out "the truth" that the Islamic State doesn't slaughter people without evidence — "only if they are infidels."

But when the reporter asked the boy what he thought about his terrorist captors, she said his response shocked the room.

"They are right," he said.

Check out the CNN interview below:

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