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The Fight Against the Islamic State Apparently Reaches a Mississippi High School Parking Lot (Or It's Just a Terrible Excuse)

Image via Sun Herald / Jackson County Sheriff's Office

When sheriff's deputies caught a woman burglarizing students' cars in a Jackson County, Mississippi, high school parking lot, she gave them one of the greatest and least plausible excuses of all time: She said she was looking for members of ISIS (the Islamic State).

As the Sun Herald reported, 41-year-old Lisa Carol Roche was allegedly breaking into cars parked at East Central High School when deputies caught her.

Image via Sun Herald / Jackson County Sheriff's Office Lisa Carol Roche. (Image via Sun Herald / Jackson County Sheriff's Office)

Police said Roche has children who attend East Central.

Roche was arrested on a charge of commercial burglary of a vehicle, the Sun Herald reported, and while investigators didn't say why Roche might have claimed to be hunting Islamic State fighters in Mississippi, they affirmed that her claim seemed to be baseless.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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