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The Vast Majority of the Black Community Is Worried That Obama's Race Is at the Root of the Secret Service's Failures, Democrat Says


"85 percent."

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Is the Secret Service doing such a bad job these days because of President Barack Obama's race?

Ranking member of the House Oversight Committee Elijah Cummings (D-Maryland) is one of the people looking into the Secret Service's failings, and on Sunday's "Face the Nation" he revealed what a large chunk of America's black community is thinking: The Secret Service would be doing a better job to protect a white president.

Cummings was quick to say he personally didn't believe racism was to blame, saying that the Secret Service has been having serious problems since well before President Obama took office, but he noted that "85 percent" of the black people he's talked to about presidential security believe that the president's race has something to do with why he's being guarded so poorly.

Cummings also claimed that the Obama family is not worried, despite the security breaches.

“The president’s people have told me that he feels very comfortable,” Cummings said. “He feels good about [the Secret Service], and most importantly the First Lady feels good about it.”

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