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Exclusive: Maker of viral video asks, 'Will America Fail?


Show of hands: How many of you wrote off the millennial generation as being permanent residents in their parent's basement, plugged into their tech, unplugged from humanity and hopelessly liberal? I have to admit, after their strong show of support for Resident Obama in the last two elections, I didn't have high hopes.

It turns out I may have been a little too hasty in my judgment of these Americans.

The maker of the 2012, viral video "If I wanted America to Fail," Ryan Houck, is back with another provocative video and a companion book. It's called, "Will America Fail?" The discussion I had with Ryan was fascinating. It turns out that the millennial generation has a quirk. When they hear political promises, given in exchange for their vote, they expect those promises to be kept. After a healthy dose of liberal Democratic lies over these last six years, the millennials are realizing that they were sold a bill of goods by big government progressives. In short, there's hope yet for America's future!

Check out the interview (cue to 57:00):

And here's Houck's new video, released exclusively to TheBlaze:

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