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Mazda's Latest Technology Could Revolutionize Your Headlights

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If you've ever been blinded by an oncoming car's headlights because the driver forgot to dim, you're in luck.

Mazda is developing new technology that can detect oncoming traffic from up to 400 meters away and taillights from up to 120 meters behind, PC World reported.

While Mazda isn't the first automaker to develop automatic dimming technology, it is the first non-premium automaker to introduce it. BMW previously introduced an automatic motor-powered shutter system for its headlights.

A Mazda representative made the big announcement at Ceatec, an annual conference in Tokyo where Japanese companies can display their latest technologies. The company said it's also working on technology that can automatically raise headlight beams when a car reaches a certain speed, helping drivers see further in front of them when they're driving faster. It's also developing a low beam system which will make it easier to see pedestrians and animals.

Photo credit: Shutterstock Photo credit: Shutterstock 

(H/T: PC World)

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