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Slovakian Firm Says Flying Car Design Is 'Production Ready

Image source: AeroMobil

It might sound like an episode of "The Jetsons," but Slovakian firm AeroMobil said it plans to reveal its first "production ready" flying car design in Vienna, Austria Oct. 29.

It has its flaws. For example, the wings fold into the backseat behind the driver while it's on the ground. However, the company said the new model, called Aeromobil 3, is "stylish, comfortable for both the driver and passenger, and exceptionally combines the performance of a sports car with qualities of an ultralight."

This is the third prototype the firm has designed but the first of which that can assimilate well to existing cars. When the wings are folded, for example, it can fit into a standard-sized parking spot and it can fly up to 430 miles on the same fuel sold by traditional gas stations, the Daily Mail reported.

Ahead of the official unveiling at the Pioneers Festival, an event that hosts science and technology entrepreneurs, AeroMobil released a video showing the revolutionary design on the road (and in the sky):

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Image source: AeroMobil Image source: AeroMobil

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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