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Video: Hollywood Actor Finds a Way to Bash 'Racist' America for Electing a Black President


"My friend said to me..."


Americans elected the nation’s first-ever black president in 2008, but the historic election was less about racial progress and more about a different kind of prejudice, according to actor Alec Baldwin.

Appearing on RT, Baldwin argued Americans only elected President Barack Obama because the U.S. is more sexist than it is racist and refused to vote for Hillary Clinton.

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“America is a country run by white Christian men. It has been for 75 or 100 years,” Baldwin began.

“The president is a black Muslim,” comedian Russell Brand joked.

“That’s now – that’s now.  And he’s only president because he ran against a woman for the nomination,” Baldwin added.

“So we prefer black over woman,” Brand interjected.

“No, no my friend said that in America – sexism and racism, it’s close but actually one has the advantage,” the actor added. “My friend said to me, ‘Men have been suspicious of women a lot longer than white people have been suspicious of black people.’”

Watch the clip below via RT (relevant part starts at about 24:30):

(H/T: Weasel Zippers)

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