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Video: Glenn Beck Responds to 'Chicken Lady' Who Said He Mocked Disabled Hen


"It's interesting how you have no desire to have an actual dialogue with somebody."

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Last week, TheBlaze covered the story of a California-based animal rights activist who tearfully interrupted diners by screaming, "This isn't food, it's violence!" The coverage sparked what has now become a back-and-forth between Glenn Beck and the activist, Kelly Atlas.

Beck referred to Atlas almost exclusively as "the chicken lady" on his radio program last week, making fun of the story while making it clear that he 100 percent supports treating animals humanely.

Beck helped Atlas' original video earn more than 500,000 views on YouTube, but Atlas and the Direct Action Everywhere animal rights group weren't pleased, and issued a video response.

The video's description reads: "Glenn Beck violently mocks a disabled hen named Snow... and 'the chicken lady' responds."

It wasn't long before Beck issued his own response to Atlas' response.

"I just wanted to say to her, really creative editing. It's interesting how you have no desire to have an actual dialogue with somebody," Beck said. "You edited out the part where I say I am clearly against animal cruelty. ... There are millions of Americans that feel just like you do on animal cruelty. We just don't think it's cruel to eat animals."

Beck said he can have a real conversation with someone who has "respect for the truth," but it is "so unbelievably dishonest" to make it seem as though he is supportive of animal cruelty.

"Too many people, unfortunately, are only concerned with winning," he said. "Read Martin Luther King. It's all about reconciliation, not about winning. And I would hope that some day you'll join me and millions of other people who are tired of this fight and this bashing and the lies, and talk about reconciliation and not winning. Together we can actually stand against animal cruelty."

Watch Beck's complete response below:

TheBlaze's Mike Opelka contributed to this report.

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